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​Yarmouth Regional Emergency Management Organization

Yarmouth County REMO (Argyle / Yarmouth)

The Regional Emergency Management Organization is charged with ensuring the safety and security of the residents of Yarmouth Town, the Municipality of Yarmouth, and the Municipality of Argyle, their property, and the environment, by providing for a prompt and coordinated response to an emergency.

Most emergencies are small and localized in nature, affecting a single person or a small group of people. These are handled by the appropriate emergency services organizations, such as the police or fire services.

But when the impact is broader, affecting a large number of people, the Emergency Management Organization steps in. Their role is to plan ahead before an emergency occurs, coordinate the provision of the Town and Municipal resources when an emergency occurs, and assist with analysis and evaluation after an emergency.


When there is an emergency, like a bad winter storm, a hurricane, or fire, you need to be ready to get by on your own for at least the first 72 hours.


Are you ready for an emergency?

Download our REMO brochure;

72 Hour Emergency Preparedness

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